Thursday, November 24, 2011

Los Campesinos Vs The Wombats

Los Campesinos is up first then The Wombats and this repeats until the top five songs by both of them have all battled its camp then womb, camp then womb, camp then womb... Five times total of 10 songs and 5 pts. Let's begin.

Round 1
1. By your hand: Bliss thick sound, great thick vocals. Catchy story-line, powerful, awesome tone and sound overall.


2. Tokyo (vampires and wolves): Sounds oriental but techy, the drums are nice, sounds very catchy. Lyrics aren't so great, you can dance to this, slows down and pick up pace.

Round 2
2. Songs about your girlfriend: Static start followed by awesome guitar in the intro, vocals are less shaky and twinkly. Really good volume and thickness, lyrics about stealing girlfriends, really good ending.


6. Techno fan: Crowd backdrop intro gives way to techy thumps, really catchy lyrics. Simple beats with loop vocals,music gets really thick after chorus, very happy.

Round 3
3. Hello sadness: Loud vocals, great bassline, good progression. Percussion is very good, the thickness always gets me, nice touch of violins, great lyrics.


3. Jump into the fog: The sound is wavy, really catchy vocals, the lyrics are questionable though. Keyboard is really nice, and synth too but the song is to fast.

Round 4
4. Life is a long time: Old coast style rock guitar, very chill and 90's like, clapping adds a western feel. The vocals are very poetic and full of emotion.


1. Our perfect disease: beeping, plus bloc party like vocals, quick pulsating feeling. Calm like vocals plus banging drums really give a cool party feel, very good jump in between chorus and bridge.

Round 5
5. Every defeat is a divorce (three lions): Five minute song, loud overall, long progressions. Sad lyrics and vocals, slow tempo, the ending takes a while to unravel.


7. 1996: The synth is out there, the vocals are emotional, the lyrics are acceptable. The drums are awesome, the sound is loud and wavy.


15 song addition
19 song addition

Round winner:
Round 1: los campesinos
Round 2: los campesinos
Round 3. los campesinos
Round 4. The wombats
Round 5. The wombats

Los Campesinos: 3 pts.
The Wombats: 2 pts.
Overall winner: los campesinos

But both albums are really good it was hard choosing los campesinos over the wombats and if we all had unlimited amounts of money to buy CDs with we'd all buy both but that's not the case... I'd at least listen to both albums and I'm pretty sure you'd find both are hard to judge but overall campesinos had better lyrics than the wombats and the wombats had catchier and way more dancable jams.

Like I said before this is not an overall rating of the albums since I hate saying "this album gets 4 stars out of 11" or something like that all albums are great in their own way but in the end of the day I'd rather buy the new los campesinos vs. the new wombats even if the wombats get more radio play.

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